Well we had some rain the other night at work. Rain + Florida drivers = crashes. Tonight was no exception. Bare with me as I explain what happened since I was somewhat of a witness here. I need your help to try and explain more to me!

First, sorry for awful pics, I was still working so getting pics was not easy at all. So, look closely at the red arrow. That is a dented beige Camry (yes, it is always a fucking Camry). Supposedly, Camry was backing out of the spot. They mixed up the gas and brake pedal (typical old person excuse) and hit the Jimmy.

The Jimmy then moved into the Suzuki. As you can see, there was either a good amount of force involved, or that Suzuki is not really strong. The whole door is dented in, and the rear window shattered.


Now, Mr. Jaguar Fit (thats for a different discussion entirely) is EXTREMELY lucky. Somehow, the Suzuki missed him by literally inches. I don't know if they could've gotten any closer.

Here's where my confusion is. How the hell did that Camry build up so much speed IN REVERSE? How the hell did the Jimmy move so much? All of these cars were in the parking spaces fine before the wreck. Did the water have anything to do with it? It just seems odd that there was this much damage from mixing up gas and brake pedals.


As always, thanks for reading and helping.