So I worked as a car salesmen for about 11 months, and one of the most memorable cars I sold was this 2013 Dodge Dorango R/T. I loved this car, I took it on more than one “test drive” when I had some down time. So I was very excited when I saw a couple in their mid 30s looking at the bright red hemi bus. They were recently married and both had kids from previous relationships. They now found themselves a family of 7 and didn’t have a vehicule that could haul every one. After chatting for a bit I grabbed the keys for a test drive. As we walked back out to the car I told them this was my favorite one on the lot, I even liked it so much I gave it a name, Clifford the Big Red Dodge. The went very well, the husband was loving the 390hp V8, a big bump from the 2.4l 4 cylinder CRV he was trading in. He even actually used the paddle shifters for the 8 speed DCT. They were so good.

They fell in love with the car, this was the kind of sale I did the job for. When a customer was genuinely excited about buying the vehicle. But there was one hiccup. The whole family was into skiing and snowboarding, which meant they needed a roof rack. So they asked if we could locate an R/T with a roof rack. One problem Dodge didn’t offer a roof rack on the R/T. To get the bells and whistles the R/T offered and a roof rack you had to buy a Citadel, however they found the chrome on the Citadel tacky(it is), and didn’t want to loose he paddle shifters only offered on the R/T. In the end we ended up splitting the cost with them to install a set of black roof rails from an STX. So this in quite likely the only Durango R/T with an OEM roof rack.


If your wondering the installation cost about 1200 dollars including parts.

This for sur the coolest car I ever sold, aside from an F-150 Raptor which I actually only delivered because the salesman that sold it was sick.

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