Yesterday I was on my way home from work when in the distance coming towards me I spot what looked like an R34 Skyline. I told myself it can't be but the closer it got the more and more I was convinced it was in fact an R34, once it passed I was sure of what I saw and what I did next I do not recommend. I pulled an illegal U-turn and floored it so I could catchup with him. I followed him for a while hoping he would eventually stop somewhere so I could take a closer look and about 5 mins later he pulled into the local car wash.

It is even better up close it was literally in showroom condition He only got it 3 weeks ago straight from Japan it has 68,000km's on it and it's a SPEC V!!! he said it cost him $48,000.00 not cheap for a 15 year old car but certainly a better deal than that blue one Dsscat posted.