Spotted in Natural Habitat

Oppo please welcome the new to me 2004 Audi C5 A6 Avant

As seen here in its natural habitat getting overpriced coffee after dropping of the kids at school (I don’t actually have kids thank god).


The car has a few issues here and there which isn’t surprising for a 15 year old VAG product. Overall though it is quite comfortable and quiet.

I really don’t like the tan interior so i am trying to decide if it is worth slowly changing out pieces to black or not. Probably not but I wish it was a black interior. And yes it is an auto, whatever my streak of only ever owning manual cars is over, but that was bound to happen eventually.


You see that correctly. 257k miles and she still purrs like a kitten. Thank gawd for the more reliable 3.0L and being a Quattro means a 5 speed AT instead of the FWD (ew I know) that had CVTs.


I am super excited to have a wagon!! Been wanting one for a while now.

Now I just have to get some RS6 badges and some soccer mom sticker and no one will even pay attention to me on the road.


Now for what needs to be fix:

Front suspension refresh, valve cover gaskets, auto headlight leveling sensor, cats/o2 sensors (cats are a bit buggered but high octane fuel and some fuel system cleaner and a highway blast it’ll pass smog), center arm rest replacement, Bose amp fix (no sound from radio), center cluster pixelated (working right now), tonneau cover replaced, brake flush, rear window tint, and a SVENDing (badly). 

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