I miss him.

Looks decently well kept. All my “mods” (MazdaSpeed 3 rear valence and exhaust, Eibach springs, red headlight eyelids, eBay special vent visors, stubby antenna) are still there. If they haven’t already, they’ll need to be getting new struts soon. I was planning on that within the next year.

Damn. Now I’m all sentimental. But, in the end, I don’t regret trading this and getting my 6. The 6 is bigger and accommodates my six-week-old son’s car seat perfectly. And it has newer and more plentiful safety features. 

But I miss my lil’ red wagon all the same. It was a great car. Got me through college without a hiccup. Used it as a moving van 3 times.


^^ My last photo with Lil’ Red. The day I traded him in. 10/10/15. He had just over 76,000 miles.