Spotted my old car around town

And managed to snap a photo. Recognized it from the dumb stickers i added to it in its later years.
Details about the car:

Bought in 1994 brand new from Riddle Honda in Hampton Roads. 4 speed slushbox automatic to the 2.2L SOHC VTEC engine (only on the EX models). Ran like a top and got me through high school, college, graduate school, and was my daily for my first job (aside from my bicycle). 288,000 miles last i saw it.


I sold it last year after a number of mishaps including losing a wheel at speed stemming from a botched tire rotation at the mechanic shop (took me over a month and half to get it back from the shop). Shortly thereafter receiving the car back, i was involved in a fender bender where i rear ended a suburban and it’s hitch mount punched through my hood and bent the radiator supports.

Basically sold it at junk price on craigslist to a guy who was going to fix it up for his girlfriend. I knew he had fixed it as another friend had spotted it around town driving shortly after that. This is the first time since then that i’ve seen it after looking at every fifth generation forest green (can’t tell in the light of this photo) honda accord that i pass on the street.

What about OPPO? Do you still see your old rides about town, or look for them still?

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