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Spotted my old partner today

Totally by chance. I was at a lakefront park using city wifi to try scoring a last minute flight deal, and all of a sudden I hear a clanging. A veeeeery familiar clanging. Turn around a see a ladder being raised up to a window in one of the $2,300,000 townhouses across the street. Nearby was a suspiciously familiar truck...

Yep! I know that truck! And the 4 joined townhouses I used to work at a few times a year, enjoying the views of Lake Washington. Went and said hi, caught up a bit.


So a few weeks back he cut through 3 tendons in his hand trying to remove an old 4" razorblade from one of the plastic handles, but on the bright side it is healing up and should be back to 100% by October! Sounds like business is still good, although slower than hoped for with the injury. Current lead time on jobs is 2 months. That’s crazy. It’s a testament to the years of excellence at the company that people are willing to wait that long.

Check out the shiny new Ranger he bought!

It’s beautiful. Unfortunately not carrying on the tradition of manuals, but I can’t fault that after having to teach so many employees to drive stick

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