Spotted a relatively plain old AWD today. Was disinterested, until I saw the badge on the side of it:


What? It’s actually called a Mysterious Utility.

So I Googled it, half expecting it to be some aftermarket thing like when you see a Hyundai Excel with a Sportz sticker on the side. Nope, the Isuzu Mysterious Utility is a real car.

And then I found this:


And I lost it. The Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard is a real car and look how large and numerous the badges are there are literally 4 of them in this image.

(Sidenode: the Hyundai Excel Sportz is actually legit. I can’t believe it. This is a big day for me)

Ignoring the incredible fact that this thing exists, the fact that I actually saw one is a bit of a puzzle in itself. As far as I know these cars were sold in Australia as Holden Fronteras. So I had a look to see if this is a freak, or if there are any more for sale. And that’s when I stumbled upon the greatest discovery of them all:

The Mysterious Utility is still in production. They morphed a bit, eventually becoming the Holden Rodeo pickup (also sold as an Isuzu D-MAX), but they currently exist in the Australian market as an SUV version of this - the MU-X. I knew the MU-X had gone on sale recently, but I had no idea that’s what the name meant and I feel I’ve now come full circle and that I’ve uncovered an incredible secret that Isuzu have buried deep in the Internets. Look how proud they are of it!


It even keeps the weird flush rear window!

A sad end to this story: I found no more of the original MUs for sale in Australia on Carsales - the one I saw may be quite rare as one of few non-Holden models in the country, I wish I’d gotten a picture.