Spotted: Nissan Figaro In 'Murica

Stop what you are doing. A Figaro has been spotted in rural Wisconsin over the weekend. And it is awesome.


(In case you are wondering, the totally goofy kid in the NASA shirt geeking out over this car is certainly not me.)

For those of you unfamiliar with this little gem, allow me to introduce you. The Figaro is a retro-styled 2 seat roadster sold by Nissan in the early nineties. It's based off the Nissan Micra, and has an uber-neat semi convertible top a-la fiat 500. It was sold along with the Pao, Be-1, and S-cargo, all of which are equally retrotastic.


For some reason or another Nissan didn't continue this trend, which is a shame. I think they should at least bring back the roll-back top for the Juke. It would be much better than Nissan's other convertible crossover...

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