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Spotted: Nissan "Pure Drive" Enthusiast

On my drive to work this morning I spotted the tell tale goober eye headlight arrangement that could only be a Juke coming up behind me. Naturally to limit my ocular suffering I let them go around, but when they did I spotted the weirdest thing on the car’s back side. It appeared as though all of the badging had been removed except most inexplicably for the “Pure Drive” badge which was still shining brightly (that’s the blue and silver rectangle they put on pretty much all Nissans now).

I found this very weird, so I sped up to take a closer look. Yep, definitely some sort of enthusiast owned, it had some tinted window and a few carefully placed stickers that I couldn’t read. Enthusiast type stickers, not Bernie 2016 or Ron Paul 2012 bumper stickers like you expect to see on such a vehicle.


So It was definitely de-badged on purpose, but for some reason they left the Pure Drive one.

I am left completely stymied, why on earth would someone do that?

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