I’m working on applying for jobs in another part of the country where I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not telling what it is here, and as part of that I’m also looking at houses. The stuff in my price range and preferred areas doesn’t tend to have garages.

In this case, I found a house that had been all renovated, the front was completely devoid of detail, and the small yard had been inexplicably turned almost entirely into a patio.

Uninterested in the house, but curious about why the hell so much of the land around it had been covered in some sort of hard surface, I decided to check it out on Google Street View. In its previous form, it had not one but two broken down 80s Maseratis parked in the driveway. Plus some kind of British roadster (maybe a Lotus Elan?) and not to mention, actual trees and landscaping!


It’s a corner lot, and most of the yard is to the side of the house, here:

I wonder if any of this grass or evergreen trees still remains. What the hell?