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Spotted on Trade Me: 1988 Sierra RS500 TEXACO

I don't think I really need to say much about this. Other than how the fuck did it end up New Zealand!? Regardless of how, I'm glad it did because how awesome is this thing? It claimed five race wins during the 1988 ETCC season as well as the manufacturers crown. Also took pole position at SPA24 in that same year where it finished second. It then relocated east and finished 4th for the 1990 JTCC season. And since then it's been all over the place, most recently hooning up Rod Millen's driveway in New Zealand. All this can be yours for a cool $585,000 NZD, link to auction here.


Trade Me is the New Zealand version of eBay/Craigslist. I will aim to post up auctions for any interesting and rare cars that we get in this little corner of the world known as New Zealand.

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