Spotted Something That I Never Knew Existed Until Today

I was out and about driving today and while passing a small used car lot, something very strange caught my eye:

I looped around a went to take a look at this mysterious Isuzu product. The emblems said it was an Isuzu Oasis. While on my initial passing, I clearly saw it was a minivan, but now as I was able to stop and really look at it, it turns out it is a badge-engineered Honda Odyssey. Minivans were so much tinier back in the 90's.....


I was today-years-old when I found out the Isuzu Oasis existed so I had to do some reasearch and came across this AutoTrader article explaining what the Oasis is about:

The price in the window said $2100. It has a bit of rust, dings and scrapes, but something this odd still has me a bit interested. Especially since its basically a Honda and should probably run forever.


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