I was on a fast, mildly-twisty country road when I glanced in my rear-view and saw a big blue Audi that definitely wasn’t there before. It had the “S” badge on the grill - I picked it for an S6 immediately.

I figured it might’ve been one o ‘dem Lamborghini V10 ones. When we got to the highway he passed me and I saw it:

“V10” blazoned on the size in big letters (bigger than they look in that pic, you couldn’t miss it). I also heard a noise like the heavens themselves. I followed him through a few fast roundabouts, he was having a pretty good time. I was in the MR2, so I was too.

I know you get can more power from less fuel using turbos. And I don’t care. Big engines are awesome. Hopefully one day there’ll be a premium for the V10 S6 and M5. And there’ll be people saying “remember how awesome old cars were?”. And other people saying “no they weren’t”.


And there’ll be big non-autonomous sedans with 10 cylinders under the hood, reminding us that those people are wrong.