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Spotted: Unknown Singer 911? [UPDATE: no longer Unknown]

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Saw this beaut in midtown today. Recognized it for what it was and immediately went on Singer’s website to try to find out more. I can’t find one with this exact spec on their site, or anywhere online. It’s got Montana plates, but it looks like Singer’s only made one car for Montana and it’s blue... would someone be crazy enough to get their Singer re-customized? or is this just one that they haven’t publicized yet?


I figured someone on oppo might know, or might even have seen this car before!

It’s got an interesting spec, the rear impact bumpers are painted instead of chrome like your avg Singer. It’s a 4.0 but it has the chrome ‘P O R S C H E’ lettering instead of the decals that I’ve seen on most of the 4.0s online. Silvery fuchs wheels, and grey side stickers. I unfortunately couldn’t get a shot from the front, so this is all I have to work from...


Happy hunting!

[Update: Thanks to the instagram efforts of Luke’s Dad Sold His 2000TL To Get a Sienna, I now know that this is Singer’s New York II]

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