Got an invite to Sandown from a mate who’s dad was taking his Holden HQ out. I’d forgotten how much concentrated awesome attends these things on a regular weekend.

R50 V10! I check every toureg I see for this badge. So rare to actually see one
Was checking out this Exige when two beautiful FD RX7s turned up. Such a great looking car the FD
Very dedicated S2000
Me and a very nice Esprit
Was pretty hungover, swore black and blue if I couldn’t get a our I’d get nothing. It’s all I wanted.Couldn’t say no to a snag in the end
Stock twin turbo slick top! Rare and desirable spec. But definitely needs new paint, condition wasn’t all that
Impreza 22B. In Aus, two door Imprezas are another unicorn car. I check every Impreza I see.Looking over the shoulder of an excellent condition R33 GTS-T
I saw this Viper run. Sounded incredible

There was also an FG Falcon with a *very* tuned Barra I6, a heap of Elises, too many silly old English cars and not a single MR2 save for mine 

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