So our little 1992 Caravan is quite nice, but 27 years of use have left their “dinge” on the inside (and peel on the outside). I decided Sunday morning that getting rid of this dinge was in order.

So, out came the seats:

So I whipped up a concoction of cleaner: Norwex laundry soap, Norwex stain remover, and a little Auto Armor carpet cleaner. Then I set to work.

I got the rear benches scrubbed down first:


With those looking like brand new, I set to cleaning the front:


Then I cleaned/reinstalled seats as I went, working front to back:

You can see the dinge line about mid floor where I was working back.


She looks almost new inside now! Only took about 3 hrs of good scrubbing, but the end result was well worth the time.