2016 was my first full year of ownership of my S2000, and I clay barred it midway through the year. I was really impressed with how much it cleared up the paint. This year, my goal was to apply polish and try to clear up the damaged clear coat on the trunk and hood as much as possible. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I finally pulled the trigger on the purchase, and started the work today.

My plan is to do the car in sections. Today was the tail section, including deck lid, rear quarter panels, and rear bumper. I polished the exhaust tips last week as well.

First-world suburban problems: I don’t have an indoor place to do this work, and although today’s medium-warm overcast weather was ideal for the job, the wind was up, and every thirty seconds or so deposited a bushel full of tree debris off the roof onto the surface I was working on. That resulted in a lot of cursing, blowing, and swishing with one towel after the next.

I used a Porter Cable 7424XP dual-action polisher with Chemical Guys pads of varying duty. First up after wash and clay was Megiuar’s M105 compound. (I tried the M205 first, but it was not nearly enough for the state of my paint.) It was really impressive how clear the reflections are in the paint now! I followed that up with M7 glaze and M21 sealant.

Now that the ambient noise is gone, it’s quite obvious where the worst of the clear coat damage is, but at least the rest looks nice now. Damn but it takes a long time to do all this; aside from cleanup, I must have spent at least two and a half hours on the tail. It would go faster with more experience, and without the constant tree craps.