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Spring Cleaning + Life Stuff

It’s gorgeous out.

Finally had a good chance to clean the focus yesterday. Car is still awesome, I have only experienced a few issues.


When I got my summer tires on, I was experiencing a small leak in my winters. On investigation, the tire shop found this:

So I’m going to find out how good tire rack’s road hazard protection is. Ah well, at least I’m not driving on them anymore. My AC has also given up the ghost, given the problems I was noticing last summer with the compressor pully not disengaging, I think it might be sticking and now it’s stuck off. Not going to fiddle with it, taking it straight to the dealer as it’s much easier to prove that it doesn’t work. I also noticed this fun thing:


It’s got an air vent for the passenger’s feet! fancy.

The only work I’ve done on the trans am has been to put the starter and flex plate back on, both went without incident. Amazingly, I was able to do the flex plate bolts myself, in combo with holding the plate and the static compression I could get the proper torque. I also had to put the hood back on as I kept getting water pooling in the intake manifold and I was worried about getting it where it wasn’t supposed to be. I’ll have to take it off again as I need to put the headers and correct motor mount bolts back in, and I need to lift it back up.


I got some crown royal maple as a gag, and mixed it with some angry orchard to celebrate. It was passable.


I might have finally gotten a (temp) job. Would be customer service, but at a corporate level at a very prominent clothing retailer. Which means that I can probably move somewhere else there quickly. Things might finally be working out.


Enjoy your spring oppo.

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