Spring Flood Round 1

Well so far I don’t have to empty out the garage because the water is staying low enough. Phew!!!

The green line is where the river usually is. I usually mow some of the area to the left of it. Some spots of this are over 4ft deep now I think. Not going to find out.
The view off my second story tall deck.

I watch this website because it tells me the water level in a town nearby. There used to be a level gauge in my town but that got washed away in 2010. The normal food stage is 18ft, in 2010 it got to 35ft. My house is on stilts. The ground floor is about 9ft of the ground. In 2010 there was 3ft of water in the house. https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=arx&gage=zumm5

I don’t need this to happen, this is a few photos from the 2010 flood. This was in September though.


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