Spring has Sprung

With the 7 day forecast showing highs of 60 and lows just under 40, I decided it was relatively safe to get the summers on. Ever since the April Fools Day storm up here a few years back I do not consider it Spring until this month anyways.

And so it begins.


Look at the travel! Lifted FoST? Anywho, these babies were stuck on so well that I actually ended up using my summer wheels as battering rams to know the steelies off (I also almost ruined my nice work shoes through early attempts at kicking). Took some good whacks and I thought i broke something when the first one came off but it was all good. Need to clean them up when I have free time to make it easier next time.

One down...finally.


That moment you realize your winter wheels are the same as your Ford spare steel wheel. Good to know I did ok there.


Looks better. Gonna give it a good wash this weekend. Note the brick haha.

Funny thing happened on the last wheel...I got an emergency call for work that required me calling people and sorting things out. Without a pen or pencil handy I ended up writing names and phone numbers down using the salt and dirt on my back windshield. I have a pic but rather not share the numbers, ya know?

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