Sup Oppo? Been a long time since I posted something on here but I’ve been lurking in the dark for quite some time now I thought now might be a good time to step back into the light.

Anyways lets get into the business at hand; I have currently had a 2002 Mercedes C240 6-speed wagon as my DD for the past 2 years. Nothing majorly wrong with it except from being slowly eaten by the Mercedes rust monster but I just feel like it’s time for a new car.

Don’t have too many criterias except for that I would prefer a RWD wagon of some sorts. Other than that I’m open to suggestions.

As you can see above I’ve been looking at 2005-ish Dodge Magnums. Anyone know if these are dependable and somewhat easy to maintain? I’ve been looking at both the V6 verision and the one with the HEMI.