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Spring's A-springing

It’s spring here is Wisconsin, which means there’s still a huge pile of snow outside my office window and it snowed yesterday. But it’s also rained about 4 times now, and the roads are fairly salt free. And I see 60s in the forecast, so it’s time to start getting summer cars ready for the road.

I’ve had the SS out a few times so far, but I know it’s due for an oil change. The Chrysler dealer changed the oil before I bought it last June, but I have no idea what quality of oil or filter they used, so I was anxious to get it changed to Mobil 1 with a Wix filter. Fun fact, all of my cars use the same filter and oil. That’s LS love.


Driving a manual up on those ramps was a bit nerve-racking. I may have stalled it...

The little skid plate that covers the oil pan is AWOL so I’ll have to source one of those. Or not, this oil change was easier than my truck.


Oh hey, its birthday maybe?

What’s everyone else waking up from hibernation?

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