Things the cruiser doesn’t like doing:

Pulling a tailer in the heat at elevation. This is a trailer we rented full of lighting gear that we filled up the rest of the way with heavy gear. Its listed with a GVWR of 3000 lbs...I’m thinking its probably closer to 3500-4000. Minus the power robbing fan clutch, AC compressor and 15% elevation losses I would guess there are, lets see....carry the one...12 spare hp.


Brakes are another thing the cruiser doesn’t have a lot to spare and the fronts are on their wear indicators (new pads coming tomorrow). No trailer brakes. I’ll be driving gingerly. Still, after 311,000 miles it stays cool, shifts strong and doesn’t care if you leave it at 4500 rpm all day long (5000 rpm redline, nothing past 4500)

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