My SA is THE MAN. If you’re in Metro Detroit, Dave Denys at Vyletel VW is awesome.

My dash rattle from 2500-3000 rpm was, thank god, the Soundkador. If they had to take the dash apart I knew that would have created more issues than it solves.


The horrible squeak the tech described as “unbelievable” was the sunroof (traced it that day when venting made it go away). They had to readjust the entire alignment in the enclosure.

The nut was a crush washer that was “extra” (lucky me!) when they built the car. It was for the fuse block and all required fasteners were in place so they think it got left in there then wiggled itself loose. Extra parts in Lego, good, extra parts in cars, bad.

The car finally feels like a well built German car again (note, buy cars made in Germany or definitely not first model year from a first year plant).

I will say the GTI is an unbeatable car for the price, I just personally know I need a bit more power and AWD or RWD for what I want in my daily but I can’t fault the car for that (i.e. My 227hp AWD Saabaru).


Side note, the Passat loaner? If that’s what most Americans want they are insane. The powertrain was a great “volume” combo (DSG+1.8T), but my god that suspension and how unseated and floaty it was above 60? And all the common components were nice VWofE but the Passat specific materials, no thanks. I don’t think the people who tuned it even talked to anyone in Germany or I don’t know what. Honestly doesn’t feel like my GTI and that thing are made by the same company. Clearly the GTI is a non diluted, non-Americanized VW and the Passat... well... if that’s what people want god help them.

RicoRich - I got Dave a bottle of his favorite Rum and am 100% sure he’ll continue to go above and beyond. I appreciate the advice.

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