Squealing Tires

I realized I never posted much about what I do for fun (get your minds out of the gutter kids, it has to do with cars). Autocross of course.

That is my red car on the far right end on the top picture


Our local British car club does an autocross last Sunday of the month in driving season. It is great fun and pretty low key, but nevertheless competitive. The modified Bugeye Sprites can keep up with the modern Miatas, the British cars make a lot more noise (exhaust, occasional clunk, frequent tire squealing) than the modern cars.

My TR250 is usually mid pack at best, the big six up front makes for great torque, but a little less nimble handling.

Today it rained, I would like to be able to say, like Senna at Monaco in 84, the rain was the great equalizer and I triumphed despite inferior equipment. I’d like to say that, but I would be lying, I did manage second best time behind Fast Fred (his real name, as far as I know) in his Miata in my run group, a bit better than I usually do.

Great fun, here is a short video clip

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