So this kickass cartoon exists. There's tanks, guns, death, cursing, and other stuff. It's billed as a kids show though. Why? North Korea. Yes folks, this is a North Korean cartoon produced in house. A South Korean company technically owns the place that animates it, but that place is in North Korea.

For some reason this show is strangely addicting. A few of my friends, and a couple people on here, know this already. The animation is really good, (episode 24 and on is animated in Flash, while before it was all hand drawn) the story is pretty complicated sometimes, and the characters are cool. The only thing actually wrong with this show, other than it being blatant propaganda, is that the lipsync is awful. You can find episode 1-32 on youtube. The first 10 episodes aren't really that great, the next 10 are okay, and past that they get awesome. My favorite episode is either 31 or 32. I think there are more episodes but they haven't been released on DVD so no one can upload them to youtube yet. Hopefully sometime in the future they will be uploaded (because episode 32 ends on a cliffhanger!), but I doubt they will be. Anyway, yeah, awesome show.

Have some gifs and screenshots Brian Silvestro made of the best character, Lt. Vixen (not her real name lol, blame the internet for that one).


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