I decided to re-sight my .177 rifle from a different range and vantage point — the book depository my bedroom window. This is the view from about 30 yards out. The scope was initially off by about 6", but with a few clicks I was able to group three of my last four shots inside a 1.5" square. Hopefully I have some more headshots in my future, since I prefer to do it cleanly. (Life to date kills: 17; 2017 to date: 4)

Target is between treehouse and playhouse — blue tape on black tape, mounted to 1/2" plywood.
Please forgive that this vaguely resembles a police logo. It’s all the tape I have.

I still let the chipmunks run free. We have an uneasy alliance, since they eat the squirrels’ food and DON’T climb into my house. Sometimes the hawks show up for close air support, but I don’t trust the POGs to be there in the sh*t on time, all the time.