Original post is here, but I’m proud to say that on Sunday morning, I took out one jihadi on my back porch at about 10 yards with my .177 nitrogen-powered sniper rifle. I hit him with a second shot from closer range just to be humane. The last thing I need is for these things to start capturing my kids and torturing them in retaliation. Hearts and minds.

Not 30 minutes later, I saw one in my neighbor’s side yard. It was out in the open between houses and I thought it would be bad form to fire so close to my allies, but I had to take the shot. 40 yards, one shot, one kill. His buddies didn’t even have a chance to collect the body before a local hawk came to reap the spoils.

In addition, one more chipmunk died of exposure in my “humane” trap, and two ground-feeding birds accidentally ended up in my rat traps. Collateral damage makes me sad, but those traps were well hidden and I always hate catching birds.

No more squirrels in my joists...yet.