They're saying it's the most powerful (707hp) and fastest (204mph) sedan on Earth.

11.0 1/4 mile on street tires is NHRA certified, much like the Challenger's 11.2.

Doesn't sound like it's getting a manual. #Jalopmad

Sorry for the picture. It's dark where they're doing the presentation, and my streaming speed keeps kicking down the quality automatically.

*Update 1* They're adding Hellcat logos to the fenders of the cars (both Charger and Challenger). I don't remember seeing anything more than "Supercharged" badges on the press Challengers, so this must have been a late add.


*Update 2* They tested these cars to make sure they could pass a 20 minute track cycle at 100 degrees without derate.

*Update 3* Confirmed no Manual. Extra few MPH over the Challenger (204 vs 199mph) is due to aerodynamics/longer body of the Charger.


*Update 4* ZERO truth to the "1200 units built" rumor.

*Update 5* They won't release pricing for a few months. Will go on sale Q1 of 2015.


*Update 6* Ordering still not open on the Hellcat Charger (been pushed a couple times). It WILL OPEN this month.

*Update 7* 3.7 second 0-60

*Update 8*


*Update 9* They are REALLY upset the 1200 unit rumor got started. Reiterating now.

*Update 10* No certified MPG ratings.

*Update 11* NOT going to Europe.

*Update 12* 4,560lbs (That's a big ole girl!)

*Update 13* 54/46 weight distribution