Illustration for article titled SSOOOOO....I have a car now.
Illustration for article titled SSOOOOO....I have a car now.

Older IS250. 2008. has 150K km on it. Was my dads car. he is getting a GLK 250 Diesel. this one falls to me.

Not sure what I want to do with it. car is pretty rough cosmetically, paint has a bunch of scratches and the door was poorly repainted from a get together with a silveraro.

3 ideas:

1: just drive it. Ithas 150K km on it. treat it like a beater. regular maintenance and so on.

2: do a mild restore/ clean.
-Polish out the paint as best I can
-Fix any mechanical issues (I think the transfer case needs a seal and it could probably stand an alignment)
-New summer wheels
-Window tint
-Replace the one headlight thats gotten really badly discolored.

3: do something REALLY stupid with it. dad ran the idea of lifting it up 2 or 3 inchs and putting some mud tires and a bull bar on it. paint the car camo colors. that sort of stuff. buuttt this is very costly and frankly, id rather spend the money on motorcycles. not to mention, aftermarket for this car is....slim.

what does oppo think? I’m not selling the car because its been through 2 accidents and frankly, isnt worth that much on the market. And for what i need the car for (winter commuter & VERY occasional road trips. It would probably sit for 5 months of the year while I’m on the bike), i think its more then up to the task.

What would oppo do?

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