All the things Ireland is famous for, right? And Guinness. Which ends with double-S, rather than starts. That's right: Senna killing it at Ireland's one and only Mondello Park.

"A. da Silva" - or better known as Senna - smashes the field in this footage of a Formula Ford 2000 race in a Van Diemen car around Mondello Park - South-East of Dublin in 1982. Slightly unusual sight as of today, as the venue looks more like a rallycross stage, but they are flying their winged car through all the bumps and the abrasive tarmac as if all the trembling from the tyres of the car was nothing more like Mr. O'Brien heading up the stairs to watch hurling. Want to guess who's winning? Too bad Senna wasn't driving any of the touring cars following the race.

Image is of Creative Commons Licence