Long ago, St. Patty's Day was a time for celebration. A day for green beer, Irish Whisky, debauchery, and colorful vomit (if I had too much of the first three). Today, after marriage, three kids, and gainful employment, it means work and responsibility. Where did the fun go?

With middle age comes trading in "wild and crazy" for "responsibility and family". I can't complain, as they are both fulfilling in different ways. However, imagining myself drinking ale in a pub sounds very appealing to me right now. The problem is that I'm too old for drunken weekdays before kids, and too young for drunken weekdays after said children are grown. Apparently, I'm in the age bracket of "Lame".

My younger friends are currently whooping it up, drinking like fish and having a grand ole time. Good for them. My much older acquaintances are drinking fine scotch and smoking cigars. Me? I'm at my desk drinking espresso and making stock trades. Dammit.

Enjoy the day, stay safe, and keep in mind that someday you will be in my situation. Cheers!!