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Seriously. Not this one, but one that looks exactly like it.

My inlaws had a routan and a azera as their dailies, but they recently bought a CR-V. They kept the azera and let their nephew drive it while he was at school here, but he no longer needs it. He was going to sell it for 3500. its like 78,000 miles and it immaculate condition. I told him I would buy it at that price but he insist on letting me use it as long as I want for free so long as I insure it and take care of the maintenance.


Up to date on all service, new computer, new tires.

Should be a very agreeable daily driver that will allow me to keep the cruiser from accumulating miles and do more maintenance myself.

Score.  Though I would still rather buy it so I wouldn’t have that mild guilt of obligation.  

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