Yesterday I noticed a tweet by AutoGespot that linked a picture of three Aston Martins crammed into a transport truck not suited for car transportation. In fact, one of the Aston Martins was literally stacked right on top of the other two. Sacrilidge! But what's really going on here?

The original picture had as caption: "Destination: Poland."

I wanted a better explanation so I tweeted it back into the universe asking "What's going on here?" and mentioning GTSpirit, Jalopnik, and Autogespot in the tweet to try and attract some attention from people who may be in the know.


I got tons of retweets and reactions, but no one knew what was going on until the Dutch folks at Autogespot tweeted me back this morning saying they were flooded and therefore worthless. Autogespot knew this because they were given this information directly from the transport company.

While I have a trusting relationship with the guys at Autogespot, I can't help but wonder if something else is going on. No transport company in their right mind would shuttle three Aston Martins this way, salvaged or not. Secondly, I would be less surprised if this was a poor attempt at trying to smuggle some Astons out of the EU.


I may be reading in to it too much, but that picture sure is strange. OPPO, any ideas?