Stage One Weight Reduction and My Indoor Pool

We have relatively nice weather today, so I thought I’d start removing things from the Saturn in earnest. I pulled the headliner yesterday, and today I’d quite like to get the carpet out. The passenger side floor is SOAKED.

But as you can see, the floor underneath is extremely solid and rust free. I was worried because the car has been pretty thickly undercoated, so I’m glad my fears of trapped water leading to floor rot were unfounded.


The reason for my indoor pool was the sunroof. The weather stripping had failed, and my friend had caulked it to try and reseal it. It maybe held up for a little while, but the (indoor) caulk dried out and lead to my gross moldy carpets. Here’s my solution:

The end plan is to remove the sunroof and weld sheet metal in its place, so for now the answer is duct tape. The car isn’t driven anywhere, so I don’t need to worry about it blowing off (not that it would anyway, I used this same roll of duct tape to tape up my wife’s ex-minivan’s moonroof the same didn’t fail for another six months until it did so, spectacularly, on the highway).

Once I get the carpets out, I’ll get to work on the door panels (I’m thinking plastic sheet and fabric door pulls on the inside) and dashboard. I’m pretty high on this little piece of junk, so I’ll keep taking pictures.

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