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StanceBroTruckCar! Am I doing it right?

Took a vacation day off to get the car prepped for tech inspection (track day Saturday). Here I am test fitting my track tires.

No, the real order of the day was to address the "clunk" from the right rear on larger bumps. After this winter's ordeal of replacing the exhaust/intake header gasket, truck repairs, car repairs, and house repairs I was fearing the worst. For once, I caught a break. There's a known behavior on Z's where the strut cartridge retaining "nut" loosens a little bit, letting the cartridge just bump a little bit on large hits. I was hoping against hope that was the case. And I finally caught a break! Car up, wheel off, boot up, tighten nut, boot down, wheel on, car down. Took less than an hour from walking out to the garage to going on a test drive, even including doing the rest of my prep checklist.


Below, the little metallic line you can just barely see in the 4th coil spring gap up from the bottom was the culprit. A pair of channel locks fits through the spring perfectly, allowing for a quick tightening.

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