Not really stancenation lol, but the car is definitely lower now with the properly setup corner balance and alignment. The shop was able to get -1.9 deg in the front and -2.8 deg in the rear as a maximum available with the stock ball joints. Someday I will get those fancy extended lower ball joints and have that -3+ camber for all of the tire destructive turning ability! But for now this feels very good and should work well for my not-so-stiff suspension setup. I still have enough height to clear speed bumps and it only experiences minor tire rub while navigating steep/bumpy hills at extreme turning angles. They were also able to get a perfect 50/50 weight distribution with my 160lb self in the driver’s seat and a half tank of gas. So its pretty much exactly what I was looking for!

I might keep the license plate bracket, I absolutely loved that shop and the things they were doing there. Will definitely be back anytime I need some work done.

READY FOR THE TRACK DAY BROOOOOO? I am certainly tempted to write up one of those “why your automotive subculture sucks” posts for this. But anyways, I am very pumped for Friday. Tomorrow I will test fit my track wheels (more importantly checking if my floor jack and cordless impact work for my setup) as well as put in some fresh brake pads and do my self-tech inspection. Pictures soon to follow of my ridiculous wheel transportation setup. I am sure that will receive comments from my coworkers when I park outside like that. They already think I am crazy but that will surely confirm it.

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