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Standing around

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They open at 9 but I got here at 7. They weren’t giving out queue numbers yet, but some people started making numbers to get numbers. Hand written numbers. A little weird and done by the people waiting, not the people running the sale. At what point do you barge in and grab an official number? I don’t know if I’m in the right, but I managed to grab #16 FWIW.


I still don’t know how this is going to work so I’m just winging it at this point. I’ve got the address saved in Google maps so I can come back over the next few days as prices drop.

I’m a little groggy right now having worked on the new computer all night. I'll probably get a haircut after this and then grab a few more computer parts and then go home and go to sleep. I figure that I'll sleep until 6 or 7, work on the computer all night and then sleep during the day again. Needless to say I have very little understanding of day of the week or time of day, only focusing on getting my unemployment claim in on time...

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