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Stanky Saab Saga: part the third.

After picking the collective brain of oppo, I've been methodically working my way through my recently acquired Saab 900; a nice find other than typical storage related maladies. Light Sr20 because Mkolabin requested.


More pics can follow after full resurrection. Found a local Swedish specialty garage who should be able to help me source the broken rear reflector (which I suspect let in the moisture that caused the offending odor in the first place). In the process of trying to spot treat any mold that could have grown I set a new personal record. Less than 72 hrs...

...of owning a car till I managed to injure myself badly enough to drip blood on the way back into the house. Hooray for brittle plastics. Went to fold the seat down to inspect that area and the little plastic lever decided to give way. Typing this with 9 fingers has been "fun".

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