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Star Trek Stuff: This Is Growing On Me

I mean, I didn’t hate it to start with, and now that I’ve played around with this 3D model viewer and seen it from a few different angles, I’m actually starting to quite like it.


I still think they’d do well to make the saucer a bit bigger relative to the rest of it, and the nacelles could use some refinement... But, on the whole, yeah, not bad.

Here’s the actual reveal trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. They’ve confirmed that the CGI is very not-final - as in, thrown together in a couple of weeks - and neither is the complete ship design. I expect the CG to end up looking, well, about as good as television CG tends to these days, but I doubt the ship design itself’ll change all that much.

In any case: YO, STAR TREK’S BACK.

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