3:05 PM: finished empire and Jedi in 10. VII in less than four hours! Om nom nom, I’m totally not crazy yet

12:35 PM: this is the kind of audience that cheers when Luke blows up the Death Star. Ten minutes to empire

9:00 AM: 3/7 done. Breakfast break, then the best movie at 10:15. Just 10 hours until the new movie!

6:00 AM: clone wars done! On to revenge of the Sith at 6:15


3:10 AM: Naboo is celebrating, I’m waiting for clone wars at 3:30

2:37 AM: Qui Gon just explained midichlorians. Oh well, at least it’s almost over


Going to see the marathon in a few hours. The phantom menace starts at 1AM eastern. I hope I survive.


“When will then be now?” “Soon.”