Or as I called it, the “Seriously, stop putting torq thrusts on everything!!!” car show. Here’s what didn’t have Torq thrusts:

An amazing custom Mustang.

Kaase 520ci Boss Nine with ITBs (770 horsepower and 730 foot-pounds of torque)

The rear mounted wing was neat, and the wheels were very well done.


Fantastic interior, but you are about to see the tragedy of this build:

The front end:


2012 headlights and a bad grille ruin the whole thing.

Super clean Chevy II build:


If you’re gonna put an LS in it do it like this. The cast ram-jet style intake and black valve covers look good.

‘68 Charger is my dream muscle car, it’s such a pretty thing:


Magnum 500s are the best muscle car wheels.

This ‘70 Chevelle SS was perfect:


454 FTW!

Many many horsepowers, and exhaust covers after my own heart:


Saw this in the parking lot, I love it:

Just get rid of those stupid spike lugnuts and fix the lights.