Start 'em young!

When I rebuilt the mechanism of my tailgate last week, both of the mounting tabs on the right side taillight disintegrated, as did one on the left side. I ordered up a replacement pair, and got a chance to replace them before dinner last night. I had an adorable helper. She’s actually pretty good with a screwdriver, for a 4-year old.

If you’re wondering what’s going on with her bottom lip, she jumped off the playground at preschool on Wednesday, hit something, and managed to bite clear through her bottom lip. A trip to the ER and a few stitches later, and she’s back to her old bouncy self. She is one tough little kid.


Behold all the rust. The other side ain’t much better.

Finished product looks nice. The original housings had gotten quite dull and weathered. Still all of the original light bulbs in the truck, except for the turn signal bulb on the right rear, and the brake light bulb on the left rear. Through some sort of voodoo magic, even the ever troublesome GMT-800 DRL bulbs ar both original, and both still work.

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