Start of a New Series.

Dick is a guy who, for some reason, feels that I need to know how cool his three Hondas are. I’m both baffled and entertained by this and the way he goes about trying to impress his level of awesomeness on myself and my group of friends. I figured some of you may also want to be baffled and entertained. So we’ll start off with this. This happens almost weekly, thus the Misadventures of Dick tag. Hopefully you will find this entertaining, but I know some will find it childish. *shrug*

Tonight the fight started on this picture:


Before we get into it, some context you’ll need: Jeremy owns a very fast Saab, and Dick has in the past referred to my ST as as base model Focus. I think that’s all you need to know to understand this:

And down the rabbit hole of those 21 comments we go:


Disclaimer: I in no way have an issue with Hondas, more their owners which seem to act like this a lot. If you own a Honda and aren’t a fuckstick, we’re cool. This is posted with the intent of being entertaining, not inflammatory, unless you’re Dick. If this becomes inflammitory or causes fights, it will be pulled and will not continue as a series.

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