So, I’ve been living off of savings and investment income (dividends), since I quit my Good paying, Excellent benefits-providing, unbelievably stressful, life-shortening, hair-graying, constant-anger-inducing, douche-bag-boss-having job in January. It has come to my attention, in the intervening time, that I can’t REALLY keep living nearly up to the standard I have become accustomed, eg: continuing to make my car payments AND occasionally eating (not eating out, just eating...) and buying beer on that income alone.... therefore I have been forced to admit defeat, stop playing Fallout 4 6+ hours a day, hanging out with sheep and fixing my tractor (I’ll still do the later two, just not so much, and who am I kidding, there’s always time for SOME Fallout...) and make some money. I don’t need to make much, just enough to make up the difference between the dividends and my spending habits + recurring bills, and so... I have become a Seasonal Tap Puller for one of the 5 largest Maple Syrup operations in Vermont. For 10 hours a day, four days a week for the next month or so I will be spending all day on the North-West slope of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest mountain. Today I did 18,293 steps and 8.88 miles, mostly zigging back and forth, up and down, yanking taps out of maple trees and lugging them back to the Argo. I am tired, but not unreasonably so, and this is certainly going to help me get back into shape, it also pays $15/hr, which is not bad for a job that requires no real skills beyond physical stamina and good balance. I saw a flying squirrel, which I did not get a picture of, a cool bole in a tree, and got a pretty uncomfortable sunburn on my neck and ears. I think this will be OK.