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Started a Roth IRA, Now I Have to Put Off That Maserati...Again

From being the next handsome black man in an Old Spice commercial to buying Mrs. Buttersworth because it’s the sexiest syrup on the shelf, I’m a man that prefers an interesting opening paragraph over a relevant one. But outside of a love for rhetorical answers and quippy hyperbole, I also started a Roth IRA and am taking it to the max!

As the years curb stomp my undying but very much suffering youth, I’m becoming more enthusiastic towards finances and fearful of the future. Debt was my focus out of school but with that falling behind me, it’s about returns and availability going forward. I believe in enough really being enough and leaving a legacy, financial or Subaru.


I used the money I was saving in order to pay off the Jeep by April (I owe $15,500) instead to max out my Roth for the 2018 tax year ($5,500) and pay off my apartment lease ($9,350). I’m still working to increase my available monthly income by paying the full terms on lease, insurances, and so forth. The new plan is to pay the Jeep off in early December and then I can max out my Roth for 2019 before the tax year ends.

I mentioned recently that I went from a day-to-day, to week-to-week, to month-to-month, and now working up to a year-to-year financial lifestyle before the Darcy to my Elizabeth comes around and finds me tolerable. I also decided to wait until I’m married and spawning more Overlords. Since my clown hasnt been in any cannons, I figure I will wait to see if this circus brings any attractions before I go owing six figures on a tent.

Still working on the Maserati! The only major hurtle left is that I need to pay it in full which means it probably won’t happen until late 2021. You dont need to understand, so don’t fret over it. I’m just thankful that the reality of adulthood hasn’t crushed my childish dreams.

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