Three good things, besides improving my odds of beating this disease:

1) It’s not going to cost all that much - GoodRx had the meds listed for about $3,000/month, but I’ve got decent insurance so it’s only $25/mo.


2) I don’t have to take as many pills as originally thought - 5 at breakfast and 5 at dinner, instead of 6 each. They’re smaller than I expected, making it a little easier to take so many every day.

3) I don’t have to maintain my weight - I was told to keep at the same weight during this 6-month process by the NP, but the oncologist said I can continue to drop a few pounds as long as it’s intentional and not a side effect of the chemo. Last week I was eating bacon and cheeseburgers and Madelienes and all sorts of fatty stuff just to maintain my weight and it was really a struggle to cram in so many calories; despite all of that my weight was only one pound higher than the previous week. Now I can continue my weight loss plan without fear of screwing up the chemo.

Back to work tomorrow, armed with a big bottle of Immodium...