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Started My New Job on Thursday...

And it’s pretty alright. People are nice, work is labor intensive(but I need the exercise desperately, I’ve gained an embarassing 80lbs since I graduated h.s. in 2012), pay is okay for someone with barely any experience and no degree, the benefits package is great(don’t get that until 3 months), and I get to drive fleet vehicles. Apparently the owner saw something in me, because the other hire has a geology degree and they didn’t hire on the spot like me, which makes me feel pretty special.

On Thursday on the way back from a testing site, I saw not one, but two K900’s seperate from each other. On the same trip I saw a truck load of new Taco’s in work truck trim(which looks great), an E92 M3, an E46 M3, and a couple of modified(at least on the exterior) C7s. All while sitting shotgun in a manual Aveo. It has the worst fake wood I’ve ever seen.


Friday I actually got to drive one of the fleet trucks to run a few errands. It was an ‘08 Silverado 1500 complete with a borked 4-speed auto(got stuck in a gear while merging onto I20, which was kind of scary because I had already merged) behind the 4.3. An interesting note, I didn’t know a digital odometer could get stuck. I always assumed they just wouldn’t come on when they were broken, but this stayed on 158,863 for around 40 miles. Overall it didn’t roll nearly as much as my Dad’s 08 Ram 1500, but visibility is much worse on the Chevy.

Oh yeah, I fixed my brakes on the Slowrunner, so it stops now! If you made it this far, here is a contender for my new DD in the next 6 months to a year:

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I’m not much a VW guy, but I’ve always loved these.

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