My wife and I remain uncertain as to what we’re doing with our home. We’ve discussed massive remodels and expansions, partial remodels, new garage, new fence, or doing NOTHING and just selling in three years. But we still haven’t pulled the trigger on anything (except for doing nothing, I suppose).

One thing that had dramatically changed (for the better) was our income. I’d say we’re making 35% more than when we bought our home nearly 4 years ago. So now we have savings and whatnot, which helped us buy two decent vehicles for the first time in our lives. But now we have those big ticket items, and much like with our cars, I’m feeling the itch to upgrade our living situation altogether.

It’s like... “Why throw five figures at this house I probably won’t live in the next five years and just pay a X-hundred more a month to live in a better house in a better neighborhood?”


Some say now is the worst time to buy a house in the area due to stupid prices, but I challenge that notion. I think prices will only get higher before they even start to tumble, I have equity now to cash in on, and interest rates are low. If I can comfortably afford my new payment, then can it really be a bad idea?

Any oppos been in a similar situation?